Detoxify, restore and protect

700200 NatureCare Organic Lacto Fiber 300gm $66.00
700250 NatureCare Organic lacto Fiber 12s $29.00

We often consume food that is oily, full of empty calories and high in sugar, salt and fat.
The toxin build-up in our body system is hard to imagine until a complete break down occurs.
Turning to organic foods that are free from contamination is critical to our wellbeing.
Nature lacto-Fiber helps to cleanse your intestine walls, mop up toxins circulating in your blood stream, binds fats and oils and flushes them out of your systems! Your body health is restored and protected against further toxic abuse with regular consumption of 100% natural NatureCare Organic Lacto-Fiber.


Stay young and beautiful

700301 NatureCare Berry Gen 15gm x 22 sachets $110.00
J146 NatureCare Berry Gen sets 15gm x 66 sachets (3boxes) $280.50 save 15%

Kick out bad habits that cause aging
The effects of certain lifestyle habits can make you look older than your years
Cigarette smoke: has been proven to deplete your body of Vitamin C, vital for keeping skin plump and moist
UV rays: from the sun cause pigmentation, dry leathery appearance, wrinkles and sagging skin!
Lack of exercise: Exercise helps tone muscles and gets blood circulated to your skin!
Cold air: Is dehydrating. So go easy on the air-conditioning.
Alcohol: dilates the small blood vessels, causing the vessels to break over time in a flush, causing damage.
Stress and worry: cause frowning which over time gets facial muscles to conform to it.
Lack of sleep: causes dark circles and bags under the eyes and sagging skin.

Adopt one good habit for anti-aging: Berry Gen
BerryGen is packed with Collagen, infused with the extracts of premium berries, rich in Vitamins B, C and their potent anti-oxidant properties, plus essential nutrients with a mix of 17 different amino acids that promote firmness and elasticity for skin!